The World Under Our Feet

The World Under Our Feet


On January 23, 2018, Peninsula Kindergarten staged a large-scale New Year’s show at the Poly Theatre. With the theme of “around the world,” the performers treated the audience to 13 unique shows with characteristics from Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

Although the New Year’s show was held more than 50 days ago, the memories are fresh, and our school families are still full of praise.

As the saying goes, “one minute of performing on stage, ten years of practicing off the stage.”

After numerous rehearsals and alterations, the children finally reached the stage. They couldn’t wait to wear their costumes and bring the exciting performances to the audience. They were happy and confident.

Behind the scenes, the teachers were more nervous than the children. Watching the children shining on stage and performing happily made the teachers so proud.

In the dressing room

The children talked excitedly with each other without showing any nerves. Some of them waited patiently for their turn to dress up, and after putting on lipstick, they were particularly careful when drinking water and eating snacks. They looked at themselves in the mirror and actively asked the teachers to touch up their makeup. Some of them focused on the shows on stage, waiting for their own turn.

In the end, the wonderful performances of the children were warmly applauded by the audience. The final act of the teacher’s chorus was also stunning!