Double Ninth Festival | Let Love Always be by Your Side!

Double Ninth Festival | Let Love Always be by Your Side!


The ninth day of the ninth lunar month is known as the Double Ninth Festival in China. people celebrate the Double Ninth Festival with a series of activities including going out to enjoy the autumn season, hiking, appreciating chrysanthemum flowers, collecting dogwood, eating chrysanthemum cake and drinking chrysanthemum wine.

In order to acquaint children with the Double Ninth Festival, we have produced a series of language and culture materials.

Such as the story of the legend of the Double Ninth Festival, the customs of the Festival and the poetry related to Festival.

On the 9th month of the lunar calendar, we invited our parents and grandparents to join us for a memorable and meaningful Double Ninth Festival with our children!

Drinking Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum contains special nutrients, and in the collection of essays “Baopuzi” from the Jin Dynasty by Ge Hong, there is a record of longevity in the river valley where chrysanthemums grew in southern Yangshan. For this holiday, the children learned the grace and courtesy of serving tea at school.

Family Games

Grandma and Grandpa are often busy taking care of their grandchildren and families every day. Their hands become rough because they work hard so that we may eat delicious food, and they fill our homes with the smell of happiness and warmth. Have you ever touched your grandparent’s hands and felt how much love is hidden behind each wrinkle and blister?

Hand-made Clay Peach

Due to the implication of longevity in the Chinese name of the Double Ninth Festival, the children handmade a clay “longevity” peach for the grandparents, to wish them a long life!

Hand-Wrapped Bouquet of Dry Flowers

The children began drying flowers a week in advance so that they could choose the flowers their grandparents might like and wrap them up as a gift!

“May time be kind to our loved ones, and may we cherish each other during the limited time that we have! “