2018 Graduation Ceremony

2018 Graduation Ceremony


July is the season of love, gratitude and blessing, and the season of graduations!

At one time, we thought that children are still young and far away from primary school. Time flies, and now you will graduate from Peninsula Montessori Kindergarten! I remember that when you first entered the kindergarten, you came in holding your parents’ hands. And then you started your campus life.

Three years later, you have grown taller and stronger. You have learned to share and endure, showing a more independent and confident side. The teachers profoundly realized that the seeds we planted in those early days, after three years of careful irrigation, have flowered and borne fruit today.

The graduation ceremony of Peninsula Montessori Kindergarten was held in Yucai no. 4 Primary School. Students, graduates and parents were invited to attend the ceremony.

After three years of kindergarten life, children who have grown up in a Montessori environment will now sail on and meet the next leg of their journey.

One minute on stage, ten years off stage. After a whole month of rehearsals, the children warmly received everyone’s support and applause. They were so happy and confident on stage, as well as brave, strong, and serious.

Such a wonderful stage play is inseparable from the hard work of the teachers behind the scenes. Montessori’s teachers impart their endless knowledge, share in the joys and sorrows of life, and explore the natural world with their children.

That day made us realize how grown up you all are, not the crying children of three years ago. We have witnessed great changes in these three years, your developed friendships, new skills, your sharing of love and receiving it, seeing you taking care of yourself and others, and observing your independence and dedication.

When you said, “we are graduates, we will go to elementary school” we were so proud of your progress. Your teachers are happy for you, and more than that, they didn’t give up on you.

When the lead teachers handed the graduation certificates to the children, this sacred time was recorded, and the diploma represents the next stage of the journey the children are about to set foot on. Congratulations on your graduation!

I wish our lovely children a future in the vast sky and a free flight! When you miss your teachers, remember to come back to visit us.

We will miss you too. Just as when you first came to Peninsula Montessori Kindergarten, this is your home. Let us relive the warm moment together. teachers and students singing .